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What Is Neuropathy?

Powerful Answers To Help You Before It Gets Worse...

Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) refers to damaged nerves. These damaged nerves can cause all sorts of varying symptoms.

it's actually possible to feel numbness but also experience stabbing pains

Other major symptoms are weakness which gradually worsens, tingling sensations which can waken you at night, and pain that feels like ice picks or a dull pervasive ache.

Neuropathy is horrible to live with, especially since outwardly there are no signs that there is something wrong

Those around you may not accept that you are experiencing any discomfort because you look normal. All this can wear you down and, like any chronic condition, those with neuropathy may become short-tempered and experience headaches and fatigue. 

This is why we encourage loved ones to accompany you on your first visit to Tampa Neuropathy Center. They need to understand that damaged nerves cause symptoms that only you can feel and that they are very real. 

The good news is that neuropathy can be actively treated with a non-drug, natural approach.

Neuropathy needs to be treated on two fronts; the cause of the neuropathy and the damaged nerves themselves. Below is a drawing of damaged nerves and how they are different from normal nerves.

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