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Neuropathy Recovery Program

Recovering from neuropathy’s numbness, tingling, burning sensation or sharp nerve pain has just become easier with the Neuropathy Recovery Program.

Neuropathy affects every part of your life - walking, sitting, sleeping, socializing, your ability to enjoy relationships and so much more. If you have tried "everything", it’s likely that neuropathy symptoms are still present.
We all know that there is a difference between covering up your symptoms and actually fixing the underlying problem.

 This is what makes the Neuropathy Recovery Program so effective in restoring normal nerve health.

Do you have any of the following symptoms - lack of sleep due to pins and needles feeling, numbness in the hands or feet, tingling or burning sensations, weakness in the legs, arms, hands and foot, sharp shooting or burning pains and a feeling like a sock is rolled up under your toes?  If so you may have a condition called peripheral neuropathy.

Most people who suffer with peripheral neuropathy have tried everything looking for relief - specialists, alternative health care, pills from online sources, etc. The Neuropathy Recovery Program is something you haven't tried before and may be the answer you are looking for - relief.

Why is the Neuropathy Recovery Program successful while other treatments have failed?

The Neuropathy Recovery Program has 6 cornerstones or success plans to determine the cause or causes of neuropathy and each of these cornerstones have safe, effective, non-drug treatments.

With the Neuropathy Program every patient has their own unique treatment plan.

This is what makes this program so effective – treatment is given by a doctor who knows what is wrong and how to treat each patient as an individual.

Many patients wonder..."How can I have numbness yet still feel the pain?" or they think "Why am is my neuropathy getting worse when I'm doing everything I can?"

These answers and more are in The Neuropathy Report - The Neuropathy Recovery Program. To request your copy, all you need to do is complete this form or you may call our office at (813) 253-2333.

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